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Equi-shower - The way forward in horse washing and cooling.

Whilst we are pleased to demonstrate the Equi-shower, it is essential to make an appointment before visiting. Our offices are situated in Gloucestershire, 2 miles from Stow on the Wold in the North Cotswolds.



Equi-shower takes the hassle out of hosing your horse.

  • Quick
  • Efficient
  • Simple
  • Adjustable Height

The equi-shower is a hassle free overhead showering system for horses/ponies of any size that uses a single rail with three fan shaped nozzles which are designed to deliver water along the top length of the horse. The rail is height adjustable - optional extra - and the water curves around the body and legs of the horse, washing the whole horse at the same time whilst the flexi-hose reaches restricted areas.


The unique spray gently washes and soothes the horse and because it is dispensed as a fine mist there is no icy blast of cold water as with a cold hose-pipe. The spray pipe connects to your own water system using standard fittings and can be attached to either a hot or cold system.

No other system eliminates the need for the operator to move round each area of the horse individually No preparation or maintenance required.

Easy to use: the controls give the operator complete control of the water flow. Each spray nozzle has a cut off switch so the horse can gently get used to the water spray.

Efficient use of water: The flow rate is approximately 4.5 litres per minute and saving approx 75% over same period using an open garden hose pipe.

Easy Installation: Mount the Equi-shower under your stable overhang, from the ceiling or your overhead hosing frame. Brackets are available for wall or post hanging. Suitable for existing wash boxes.


Equi-Shower - Easy rug washing

Easy Rug Washing


Gloucestershire UK Email: info@equi-shower.co.uk

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